Young female donors face a weighty issue

New donation regulations have set a minimum weight for female donors aged under 20 to prevent them from fainting.

The rules put into place on February 13th 2012 mean that young women must weigh at least 10st 3lbs to be eligible to give blood.

Those who have previously donated without problems but who fall short of the minimum weight requirement will be prevented from attending a session until after their 20th birthday.

The regulations have been put into place by the blood service’s governing body SABTO (Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood Tissues and Organs) and are based on blood volume. This is because the amount of blood – just under one pint – taken during a donation will have a greater effect on a person with less blood.

All donors must already be over 7st 12lbs before giving blood. To find out more information on eligibility contact NHSBT.


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